The Silver Lake Private Equity Fund

The Silver Lake Private Equity Fund is a diversified private equity fund, structured as an en commandite partnership.

The Fund’s primary focus is to invest alongside leading private equity houses in South Africa.

Skybound sources, checks, and manages commitments to a concentrated number of the industry’s best private equity experts.

The Fund has already committed to a range of private equity deals with an investment horizon of 5-7 years and is expected to see its first exit in the next 12 months.

The Fund benefits from the experience and wealth of its Manager’s intellectual capital across the globe. A well-qualified team of analysts and researchers in Hong Kong, London, Australia, Mauritius and South Africa supports it.

At the core of the Skybound investment-philosophy, are partnerships which have been built based on integrity and trust.

In this way, investments are backed not only by the investment thesis of the businesses that the Fund has exposure to but also by the individuals being partnered with.

The Fund allows investors to gain access to a broadly diversified private equity portfolio with a single commitment. The Fund already has over R200m of committed capital invested, providing immediate access to the underlying investments unlike typical private equity funds.

This opportunity is not ordinarily available in the market place

The Fund targets a net IRR of 16% over the 5-7 year investment horizon.