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Mauritius as a relevant and evolving jurisdiction

Aired: 4 December 2020

This webinar explores Mauritius as an attractive jurisdiction in an evolving world of International Financial Centres, OECD and EU regulations, AML/CFT, BEPS, Transfer Pricing and substance requirements. The webinar panelists will address questions regarding its current ‘blacklisting’ status, recent tax changes and associated substance requirements and explore how Mauritius can be relevant for structuring global operations or family planning.



Skybound Capital – Cybersecurity 2.0

Aired: 15 September 2020

In the wake of COVID-19, Skybound Capital have become increasingly interconnected which comes with a greater shared responsibility to keep our online presence safe and secure. This discussion aims to empower us all by demystifying the risks, separating the fact from fiction, and examining the methodology of a hacker.



Sarah Ferguson & John McCarthy

Aired: 01 September 2020

This upcoming webinar Matt Pearce interviews Sarah Ferguson and John McCarthy.

Sarah will be sharing what drives her to push the physical boundaries and break open water swimming world records.

With every stroke she takes she makes a splash on the ever-growing environmental concern of plastic in our oceans. John McCarthy is a true water-man. Spending most of his days immersed in water. His knowledge of ocean currents, swells and how they work is remarkable. His role in Sarah’s team is safety officer and support kayak. His calm demeanour is a gift when faced with a potentially life-threatening situation.

Visit Breathe Conservation for more info.


Skybound Capital – Prism Income Fund Update Aug 2020

Aired: 25 August 2020

This upcoming webinar will focus exclusively on Skybound Capital’s Prism Income Fund. There will be a panel discussion with Matt Pearce, Conrad Amm, Theodore Shou, Jabir Sardharwalla, Nyaradzo Chitsike and Siegmund Thetard.

The Skybound Capital team will discuss the key successes of the Fund, the current market environment, geographic exposure, how the counterparties are dealing with COVID-19 and where they see opportunities.


Dr David Millhouse

Aired: 18 August 2020

Join us for an interview with the highly regarded academic Dr David Millhouse.

He will be giving us an overview of the new financial product design, distribution obligations and behavioral finance issues arising from the ASIC’s planned changes to trustee & responsible manager obligations and how these are likely to impact those in Australia as well as his insights on AFSLS in general.

Gabi Lowe – Get Me To 21

Aired: 21 July 2020

Well-known South African author, life coach and medical activist Gabi Lowe will be joining Skybound Capital for an interview. Gabi draws on her own deep personal experience after an epic battle to save her daughter’s life, to show how psychological and emotional resilience are vital yet sometimes elusive ingredients that, despite all odds, make the difference between surviving and thriving.

She is both engaging and riveting and brings with her a depth of business and life experience, compassion, courage and insight, she teaches us how to thrive in the face of adversity.

Testamentary Trust and Wills – Denise Williams

Aired: 07 July 2020

In this webinar Matt Pearce will be interviewing Denise Williams to discover more about Trusts and Wills. Discover why it is important to have a Living Will and the dangers of drafting your own Will.

The importance of having a recognised Executor to administer your estate and knowing them. As Denise says, “There is no substitute for the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your loved ones will be well cared for and looked after.”


Interview with Cameron Bellamy

Aired: 6 June 2020

South African ultra-endurance athlete Cameron Bellamy will be joining Skybound for an interview with Matt Pearce. He has amassed 10 Guinness World Records. He recently completed the Impossible Row, the first human powered crossing from South America to Antartica, accross the notorious Drake Passage, by row boat.
In September 2019 he completed the longest channel swim in history when he swam 151km continuously from Barbados to St Lucia in over 56 hours. He completed all his endurance feats for the Ubunye Challenge, a charity he founded in 2011 which focuses on funding infrastructure for early childhood development projects in the Eastern Cape and educational projects in Northern Zimbabwe.
Discover where his athletic passion began, share in his more recent adventures and find out what motivates hime to keep breaking the impossible.

Interview with Handre Pollard and Francios Louw

Aired: 26 May 2020

The 2019 World Cup, will go down in South African history.  It was an event that brought the nation together, the whole country got behind the team and the energy was electric.  Matt Pearce was the voice behind the microphone for this incredible journey for everyone back home in South Africa.

Matt now gets to relive some of his most memorable Rugby World Cup experiences, along with two of South Africa’s top players who stepped onto the field to represent South Africa.

COVID and the impact on real estate & development

Aired: 05 May 2020

This week’s webinar we take a look at how COVID has impacted real estate investment and development.

The panelists will discuss the market prior to the COVID pandemic, how its been affected and what opportunities they see to thrive in these exogenous market conditions.

Skybound Capital – Insights into Australia

Aired: 28 April 2020

Skybound Capital’s teams are working hard around the world.

In this webinar, Matt Pearce will be interviewing Skybound’s Australian CEO, Jeremy Thorpe, along with Dean Palmer, Steve Chant, Paul Walshe and Henry Jones.

They will cover the proactive strategies that they are initiating in Australia to deal with the Covid-19 challenge. It will be interesting to compare how different countries are tackling the impact of the pandemic.

Skybound Capital – The Prism Income Fund

Aired:  21 April 2020

This webinar focussed exclusively on Skybound Capital’s Prism Income Fund.

A panel discussion with Matt Pearce, Conrad Amm, Theodore Shou, Jabir Sardharwalla, Devon Olander, Nyaradzo Chitsike and Sigmund Thetard.

The Skybound Capital team discusses the key successes of the Fund, the current market environment, geographic exposure, how the counterparties are dealing with COVID-19 and where they see opportunities.

Future of SA

Aired: 17 April 2020

Chief Economist at ETM Analytics, George Glynos looks at South African markets post junk status and the effects of Covid-19.

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