Prism Fund Update 2022

October 18, 2022

Watch the webinar below for an in-depth discussion of the Prism Fund Update 2022. The webinar covers four important topics. Firstly, an overview, history and discussion of the Prism Income Fund. Secondly, an explanation of the Prism Fund Portfolio Analysis. Thirdly, how the Prism Fund Audit Process works. Finally, a discussion around Prism and Private Debt class.


Prism Fund Role

Developed principally as a private debt fund, the Prism Fund engages in specialised financing, within various asset classes. Its role is to provide simple, streamlined financing solutions to companies with limited access to capital, but that demonstrate they have fundamental value and the ability to repay debt.


Prism Fund Focus

We focus on ensuring that the intrinsic value of a business translates into a return on capital invested. To achieve this, we concentrate our investments in businesses that have a higher probability of superior performance.


How we do it?

We measure this likelihood by testing counterparties according to stringent criteria. If they succeed, further due diligence is conducted before a final decision to include them in the Fund is made. The Prism team carefully selects investments according to their strategy, assets and geography.


Prism Fund Return Objective

The Prism Income Fund invests into a number of global financing and direct lending opportunities across developed and emerging markets (such as micro, trade, factoring and bridging finance). The Fund’s return profile, which targets a yield of Cash +4% per annum in any rolling year, is uncorrelated to market performance and independent of systematic market volatility.

The Fund gained 0.44% (USD Class 10A) for August 2022 and 3.8% year to date. As of 31 August 2022, the strategy AUM grew to USD 579.4 million.

The Fund remains conservatively positioned considering the geopolitical tension and heightened inflation, resulting in some cash drag within the investment team’s expectation. Considering the stage of the liquidity and credit cycle, the investment team believes that the accumulated capital reserves are prudent in the current market environment and positions the Fund well to take advantage of future funding opportunities.


Watch the Prism Fund Update 2022 below.