May 22, 2020

From young, we have been taught to solve problems by using our brain.

The question is, which one?

Neuroscience now tells us that we each have three brains – The Head (Cephalic), the Heart (Cardiac) and the Gut (Enteric).

Each has sensory neurons, motor neurons, ganglia, and neurotransmitters – and, they take on special significance during times of major change.

In today’s society, we are encouraged to focus mainly on providing our head brain with facts and figures, which can lead to information overload.

We also need to use our two other brains to processes our feelings (heart) and listen to our intuition (gut) to help keep us in balance.

The head or cephalic brain is great for thinking, cognitive perception and making meaning of things. At its best, it is the seat of creativity and allows the ‘rational thinking’, that can help you plan and prepare for launching change.

The heart-brain takes the lead on emotional processing, on values and our connection with others; at its best, it is the source of passion and compassion.

The gut-brain is designed to focus on our sense of self, self-preservation and mobilisation. At its best, it is the root of courage.
During transformational change, the old ways of doing things and even the old ways of thinking are no longer viable. There are no clear answers, and in some cases, there are multiple answers to be weighed.

People who apply their three brains are beginning the process of reprogramming their neural networks to believe in, and succeed with, leading the change.

They are planting the seeds in their subconscious that will help them find a path of action, and they are modelling the way they need to approach the change: with all three brains.


Today marks the third week that our offices, in certain jurisdictions, have been open; and it has been wonderful to experience some sense of a usual routine again.
That said, the time we all spent working remotely and away from the office, had several positive effects on the business – our teams have worked more closely, and our interaction with counterparties became more frequent and productive.
Unfortunately, we are still not able to host client visits to our offices at this stage, but we would like to thank you all for being willing and positive about agreeing to online meetings, which have assisted us immensely in keeping in touch.

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We are currently working on a fascinating project.

It is synonymous with the current situation, which has raised many questions and debates regarding our lifestyles, health and environment roles going forward – and, the possibility that this will realign investors’ priorities toward a new normal of sustainability.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) refer to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and societal impact of an investment in a company or business.

Knowing that the Skybound funds already focus on these criteria, we are keen to determine how closely they are aligned to the sustainability matrix.

ESG is increasingly complementing the benefits of investing in Private Capital and Private Debt, and we have seen that they are playing a more significant role in the assessment of private credit opportunities. As we make progress in this regard, we will be sharing more information with you.

While Skybound’s flagship Prism Fund continues to deliver consistent returns without market volatility, the entire suite of Skybound’s funds is positioned with capital protection as the aim. We feel confident that this will remain the case, during these uncertain times.

The Covid-19 pandemic and global lockdowns have severely impacted companies around the world, especially with businesses such as restaurants and cinemas where physical and social interactions dominate.

Surprisingly, some companies and sectors have benefitted both from the disease itself and from the resultant lockdowns and quarantines. Online businesses (including shopping, video games, streaming, etc.) are not only operating normally in most countries but are thriving.

Our Innovation Fund has been finding exciting opportunities in this space.

Skybound’s research team observe a wide range of businesses, even though the funds may not have exposure to them. Doing so ensures that we stay up to date, not only on private markets but on what is driving public markets as well.
While the current global situation continues, we remain committed to keeping our clients apprised of any developments relating to the funds and wish you good health.